Monday, 28 February 2011

A delay in ideas

Just a note to let you know my silence has been the result of a very sick laptop, that has now been fixed and then I had a trip to the hospital myself. 

Nothing too problematic. I am asthmatic, and have struggled this winter season, and wasn't responding to traditional methods of medicating. But as it turns out, back in August my preventative was changed by a different GP at our family's surgery, and over a six month period I basically struggled and finally lost control of the illness. I had to be admitted, as I was relying on nebulisation every four hours and I needed to be placed on a higher dosage of steroids, that GP's can't prescribe. But they still did a full m.o.t on me anyway to check that all was ok, and thankfully it was - just glad to be home, I am sooo not a fan of needles.

I'll be back to sharing ideas just as soon as I can.

Take care,


  1. I have missed you and am sorry to hear you were ill. I am glad to see you are on the mend and will be back with us soon.
    You are very creative and i enjoy following your site as i work in primary and get a jump start for my sharing times from your page. You are the best to share with us. Thanks so much you are appreciated. kw

  2. Glad to hear your back on your feet. You certainly were missed!

  3. Thank you so much, both such kind comments. I'm glad to be back too, not yet up to speed, but so much closer to it. Thanks again.


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