Thursday, 6 January 2011

Patriarchal Blessings

"A patriarchal blessing literally contains chapters for your book of eternal possibilities." -President Thomas S. Monson

I love my patriarchal blessing, and what consistently amazes me, is how much, and how deep mine is. By deep I mean, it is written in plain english for all to read clearly, but it's not until you start studying, pondering, fasting and praying over your blessing that the layers begin to open for you. Suddenly, something you only took to mean as simple and possibly insignificant, now has taken new meaning, and you wonder how you ever missed it before. While to others who may happen to read the words gifted to you, they will never see, feel or understand the revelation in the same words as you do.

It has also taught me how much I am personally known to my Father and Saviour. How they truly understand the path I am walking, who I am becoming, and the obstacles and challenges set before me. As a younger person I used to read and marvel with hind-sight, but as I have matured in the gospel it has become a powerful instrument to me and guides the choices I make almost daily.  

When I worked in Relief Society a few years back I organised a class during January for the sisters to help them re-discover their patriarchal blessing, and possibly encourage them to give their goals for the coming year a more spiritual slant. As the new year comes around once more, I have been asked to run this class again.

Although my previous resources have been 'misplaced,' I am thrilled with the 'reinvented wheel.' Here is what I am doing. If you have any questions please ask. 

Discovering Your Patriarchal Blessing
A Relief Society evening class - January 2011

Class supervisor needs to: Have prepared packs [links to contents can be found below], and each pack placed within a file or A4 envelope to help keep the papers together, and private. A small token thought card and favour [Only if you choose]. Finally a selected CD of music, conducive of the spirit for background filling, while sisters work, and a CD player. [I pinched my daughters collection of Jenny Oaks Baker. And can highly recommend her.] Remember to go ahead of time to set the room.

Participants need: Something to write with, their scriptures, a dictionary, to have prepared for this class with prayer or fasting if they wish.

Classroom set up: I had tables [long rectangular in shape], set up with only three seated at each table [2 placed near the the ends, on one side, and the third in the middle, on the other. This was done to provide the sisters with some form of privacy. Flowers for table centres. [I was lucky this year to have Christmas bulbs in flower, white hyacinths, that I chose to use]. Finally each place setting had the enveloped pack, with a small card and favour.

Introduction: Centuries earlier, a righteous and loving father by the name of Lehi took his beloved family into desert wasteland. He journeyed in response to the voice of the Lord. But the Lord did not decree that such a “flight” be undertaken without heavenly help.

They were gifted with a compass of curious workmanship. The prophet Alma explained that this “Liahona,” as it was called, was a compass prepared by the Lord. It worked for them according to their faith and pointed the way they should go (seeAlma 37:38–40).

Today your patriarchal blessing is a personalized, carefully chosen sacred gift from our Heavenly Father. As you come to understand what your blessing contains, it will help you discover your purpose in life and help guide you toward your eternal reward. Your patriarchal blessing is a revelation given to protect, inspire, and motivate activity and righteousness in each of us.

Our blessings should be considered a rare and valuable gift to give direction to our lives, to mark the hazards to our safety, and to chart a safe passage—not to a promised land, but to our heavenly home.

Tonight you have the opportunity to study through your Patriarchal blessing, and as we are at the opening of 2011, we also have the opportunity to gain further understanding of the things our Father in Heaven has planned for us, as we strive to reach our potential and develop our eternal nature this coming year.

Inside your pack you will find...
  • Columned Sheets: To guide you through the breakdown of your blessing.
  • Ways To Study: Ideas collected that you may want to try using.
  • A Talk: by President Thomas S. Monson about patriarchal blessings. 
  • Journal Pages: Transfer information, feelings, and thoughts to, for keeping. 
Starting with the column pages, noting the headings, go through your own patriarchal blessing and pull out the details and write them under the appropriate heading.

Once you have gone through doing this, go back choosing a topic to start with like 'Counsel,' and look at the specifics. The types of words and phrases used. Start making notes. Even if you think you know what a particular word already means. Look it up in the dictionary what does it mean? Turn to your Bible dictionary is it there? What other meaning is added? Turn to your Topical guide, what scriptures are associated with your particular word or phrase? What added meaning, thoughts and feelings come to you as a result of this type of study and contemplation? Write it all down.

Share a personal experience from your own study to highlight the above steps, mine is as follows:
For example, the word 'delight' and phrase 'to be a source of delight' appears in my blessing. For years I assumed that it meant to bring pleasure or enjoyment to those around me. As a result I continued to do everything I could to make others happy and to please them. By today's standards that is exactly what 'delight' means. But that is not what the Lord meant for me to do, or be.
When I sincerely studied this, I found, that being 'a delight' was to be a source of joy. Meaning, I didn't have to measure myself by how happy those around me are, because others happiness is dependant upon them taking joy, [in this case] in who I am. This inspiration was confirmed to me at the time as what the Lord meant, and the whole experience became a defining moment for me. It liberated me from the responsibility of trying to be everything to everyone. If what I 'delight in' isn't what makes others happy, it is no-longer my focus. So I am free to turn my energies to other spiritually productive pursuits. 

So even though you think you know what a word or phrase means, I ask, is that what your Father meant? After all, his thoughts are not our thoughts.

Once you have done this exercise, you may then choose to plan how you will bring the blessings that are to be yours, about. 

Hand the time over to the sisters to start on their own patriarchal blessing. To fill the silence in the room turn on the chosen CD - softly.

Conclude: Obviously this is something that cannot be completed in one night, so I encourage you to make the time to complete this over the coming weeks. You may even try placing your words and phrases into the General Conference search engine of and see what modern-day prophets have to say too. Either way relish your time doing this, after all it is eternal nature that you are discovering.

Resources: Columned SheetsWays To StudyTalk the Journal Pages [Set A] [Set B], and small favour cards I used. Thumbnails of these pages are below [you can 'click' on them to see a larger sample]. 

If you are having trouble downloading just leave a comment with your email attached and I'll send you the files and links - I am happy to help, and grateful that these can be used xo 


  1. I am not sure how to download the Journal pages set 1, and set 2 or the favor card. I really want to do this with my daughters. I hope you will get back to me soon.
    This is amazing..
    I may want your permission to do it for a Super Saturday if you would allow.
    Thank you for your insite and amzing knowledge.
    Sally Miller at

  2. This is wonderful! My RS activities committee is having something similar next month and your post helped me clarify exactly I wanted the sisters to do. (Let's hope it works out just as well.) Thank you!

  3. This is wonderful!!! if you could send me the files for your packet to my email I would appreciate it. I was not able to open them and would love to do this for my self and possibly for my yw class.

    thanks Jan

  4. Hi Sisters,
    I've had computer problems since last year, from not being able to access my blogger account to our laptop having to go into the shop a couple of times. So sorry about the delay. I have finally got everything organised! You should be able to download the files from keep and share by just clicking on the links.
    For those that have sent me emails I will reply today.
    Kindest Regards

  5. I really would like to have the pages and the packet but cant download. Please send to if you could my young women would love this! thanks!

  6. Absolutely love this. If possible, I would like to incorporate in a YW lesson. If you could email,

    Thanks much

  7. This is beautiful! I would love to use these for my lesson. Could you email me?
    Thanks so so much.

  8. You just answered my prayer. I would really like to use this for yw but it won't download for me. I see that it should but it won't. If you could email me this I would so appreciate it. My email is thanks so much. Lisa Jeppson

  9. This is a wonderful lesson I would like to use but I am unable to download the journal pages and favour cards. Could you please email me those attachments to

  10. I can't download it either. I get a message that says you've exceeded your bandwidth for the day. I'm supposed to ask you to upgrade. ;)

    1. Lol! okay that's what the issue is, thanks for telling me because I haven't had a chance to look at that yet :)

  11. love this idea and would love to use it, but downloads do not work. if possible please send to Thanks!


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